About Kathryn

Kathryn’s mission in life is to make a difference in the world of Muslim women and lead them from oppression to success and purpose in life.
To fulfil this mission she created the Back To The Fitrah Coaching Academy  with the goal of teaching her sisters in Islam across the globe how to become emotionally resilient so they can step up and embrace the leader within them.

Step Up: Embrace The Leader Within

A book dedicated to supporting Muslim women discover their inner leader and step up in every aspect of their lives.
"I have just finished Step Up. I feel humbled, hopeful and connected. It is beautiful. It is everything the universities don’t have and more. It’s stunning, radiant, exhilarating, profound, and contains so much of what I’ve been searching for all my life. May Allah help more women to tap into their inner wisdom, intuition and strength that God has blessed us all with, with this insightful, vulnerable, and truly compassionate book." – Janine Allison Hood, Australia"

 Step Up: Embrace The Leader Within
can be purchased in hard copy and is also available on Amazon for Kindle!

Back To The Fitrah Coach Academy

The truth is that your innate emotional resilience is already there within you. It never left you, but the layers of life experiences have buried it out of sight.
Back To The Fitrah Coach Academy is designed to take you on your own personal journey to fearless confidence, effortless patience and inner peace.
Are you ready to learn more?

Motivational Speaker

Kathryn learnt to speak early, and according to her mother, hasn't stopped since.

Annual ME First Summit

Bringing together Muslim women experts from across the globe to share their knowledge, wisdom and inspirational stories.
"I absolutely loved this summit, it was very beneficial to me! I wrote notes for the recordings and will be going through them regularly. Jazak Allah khair"
"I really enjoyed the interviews and I really enjoyed being introduced to so many professional Muslim women who offer services from a religious and practical point of view."
"The talks we're amazing alhamdulillah. To my knowledge this is the first of its kind. I hope it's not the last. It makes things a bit better, brighter and more beautiful. May Allah reward your efforts immensely. Ameen"

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