Juggling parenting and the household

Screaming young mother fed up with doing the laundry, holding her crying child and talking on the phone in the same time.


I totally relate to this photo. I don’t know how many times I have tried to take a call, juggle household work while having a screaming child either in my arms or clinging to my legs!

It’s in these moments parenting feels sooooo hard!!!

Why is it that kids suddenly need your undivided attention the minute you are busy on the phone or needing to get dinner cooked? What is going on that makes them go from being the peaceful, happy child they were, to screaming, nagging and demanding our undivided attention when we are at our busiest??

In this FREE training you will discover what is going on and how you can turn this around to have peace while you are cleaning, cooking, doing laundry or even trying to have a conversation on the phone!

You might even get to go to the bathroom one your own too!

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P.S. when it comes to household chores, when they get older they learn that it is better to disappear 🙂 lol … just in case you ask them to help!!

This training can even help with that too! Register now, http://peacefulparentingsecrets.com